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3 年 8 个月 前 - 3 年 8 个月 前 #48 匿名 was created by 匿名
Have you every tried the testnet Medalla and gotten a unique POAP badge?

Here is a much more exciting plan!

Our team has been doing great things since last year and came up with an idea of giving Token of Honor to ETH2.0 mainnet validators. Later on this idea became part of our proposal which has been submitted to the EIP system. Here is its link:

We call this Proof of Honor.

In addition, with regard to the deployment of this Token of Honor we proposed to save its image directly on Ethereum instead of in a centralized server or cloud. We have already created several tokens of this kind and here is list of them:

We organized this idea and submitted this proposal to the EIP system in March this year. And this proposal has been listed on as EIP-2569:

In our humble opinion, in order for this to be widely adopted a protocol for applications needs to be made and this is what we are working on now.

We are wondering if any enthusiasts would like to work with us together on this?

We are looking forward to your participation!
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我觉得重点是要让大家嗨起来……还有,广告是做在道议程的网站上。要说明这是DAism Team的技术结晶。

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